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  • Last Modified: 2021-01-28

RPM Package Manager (RPM, originally Red Hat Package Manager), is a free open-source package management system used by many Linux distributions including Red Hat and CentOS. As of ProGet v5.2.25, RPM packages can be hosted and installed from ProGet.

Prerequisite Configuration

Client Configuration

In order to actually install packages from ProGet, each client must perform the following steps:

1. Add a .repo file to /etc/yum.repos.d

Yum stores its repository configuration in .repo files located in /etc/yum.repos.d/. To register a ProGet feed as a repository, create a new <RepoName>.repo file in that directory with content:


Note that <RepoName> can be anything, but we recommend using the ProGet feed name for clarity.

2. Verify yum configuration

To verify that yum is able to download package metadata, execute:

yum repolist all

If the configuration is correct, this will list all repos (including the ProGet feed registered in step 1).

Common Tasks

Installing Packages

RPM packages are installed using yum. To install a package hosted by ProGet, use the command:

yum install <package-name>

Creating Packages

To learn how to create an RPM package, visit a resource such as a simplified guide to creating your first RPM on the Red Hat Developer Blog.

Publishing Packages

yum does not support uploading a package, so ProGet offers a few alternative methods to publish RPM packages:

Upload from ProGet Web Application

On the feed overview page, select "Add Package" and "Upload Package" to upload a .rpm file directly from your browser.

Publish via HTTP

To push an RPM package via HTTP, issue a PUT or POST request with the package file as the content to: http://{proget-server}/rpm/{feed-name}/

curl http://{proget-server}/rpm/{feed-name}/ --user <user>:<password> --upload-file {my-package}.rpm
wget http://{proget-server}/rpm/{feed-name}/ --http-user <user> --http-password <password> --method POST --body-file {my-package}.rpm
Invoke-WebRequest http://{proget-server}/rpm/{feed-name}/ -Credential [System.Net.NetworkCredential]::new('<user>', '<password>') -Method PUT -InFile {my-package}.rpm

Technical Limitations

  • Connectors are not supported
  • GPG signing is currently not supported, but is on our internal roadmap.
    • If you would like us to prioritize this feature for an upcoming release (currently: one user has requested to prioritize this), please open a ticket or post on the forums.

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