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Image-based Services (Containerized Builds)

Modified on July 19, 2024view on GitHub

BuildMaster's Image-based Services allow you to use containers images like microsoft-dotnet-sdk and maven that have the tools and components required to build your application (such as the .NET SDK, Java SDK, etc.) already installed.

This feature is not intended for containerizing your application (i.e. building Docker images), but for building your applications using a container. See Containerizing your Application to learn how to create container images in BuildMaster.

Image-based Services are a BuildMaster 2023 Feature, and available on a preview basis in BuildMaster 2022.13 and later.

Enabling and Customizing Image-based Services

To enable Image-based Services, navigate to Admin > Image-based Servers.

After enabling the feature, you'll see a list of Registered Image-based Services. You can edit or add to this list as needed.


Customizing Image-based Services

An Image-based Service is essentially a reference to a Docker image in a repository, and is comprised of the following fields:

  • Name; a user-friendly name that you'll use to reference the service
  • Repository name; a repository that the Docker client will understand, such as progetsvr.corp/dev-images/corp/dotnetbuild
  • Capabilities; used to filter lists in the User Interface, the compatible platforms that the container can build
  • Tag; a specific tag within the repository, with * supported as an alias
  • Credential; for registries that require authentication, the account to authenticate with

BuildMaster includes references to the official container images for a variety of platforms; you can edit these or add your own.

Using Containers to Build

When Image-based Services are enabled, script templates like Build .NET Project and Build Maven Project will display a "Docker Options" tab that lets you select the Image-based Service to run your build script in.

The list of available services will depend on the capabilities; for example, the "Build .NET Project" template will show .NET-capable services.

Implementation Details

Image-based Services use docker run and always pull the image for the tag registered in BuildMaster. The container is then automatically deleted after the run completes.

Prior to running, BuildMaster will mount the working directory and automatically capture build output.

Operations which support Image Based Services:

  • DotNet::Build
  • DotNet::Publish
  • Java::Maven
  • npm::Build