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iis - Start App Pool

  • Last Modified: 2020-06-26

This is generated from the built-in components of Otter 2.2, and may be different than what you have installed (especially if you have extensions); go to [User Icon] > Documentation within your Otter instance to see exactly what operations are available.

Start App Pool

Starts an IIS app pool.

Operation type:

Executing - this operation will perform a specified action or actions on a remote server.

Script usage:

	[WaitForStartedStatus: <true/false>],
	Name: <text>


Name Format Script Usage Usage Notes
Wait for started status
App pool (default)
The name of the application pool to operate on. This argument is required.

See also:


# stops the BuildMaster application pool 
IIS::Stop-AppPool BuildMasterAppPool;

# starts the BuildMaster application pool 
IIS::Start-AppPool BuildMasterAppPool;

# recycles the BuildMaster application pool 
IIS::Recycle-AppPool BuildMasterAppPool;

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