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Inedo Execution Engine

Modified on July 19, 2024view on GitHub

Our products incorporate a shared component called the Inedo Execution Engine. This allows you to automate and orchestrate infrastructure in a consistent way across our products, making it easy to:

  • deploy and execute commands across hundreds of servers, simultaneously as needed
  • quickly identify what went wrong, using detailed logging with sensitive debugging details hidden from certain users
  • use a powerful, but easy-to-learn language called OtterScript while leveraging existing PowerShell and Shell scripts and snippets as needed

As we learned from years of first hand-experience with BuildMaster's legacy execution engine, there are a lot of "real-world oddities" that you encounter when writing code that will automate and orchestrate infrastructure, such as:

  • Sometimes, some things will just work if you retry them a few times in a row
  • A "failure" isn't always a failure, but it's important to know
  • "Impossible" failures happen all the time
    We designed the Inedo Execution Engine from the ground-up to take these, and many more things into consideration --- including lots of research on how many other tools perform automation.