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Helm Feeds in ProGet

  • Last Modified: 2019-07-17

Helm is the package manager for Kubernetes applications. A ProGet package for a Helm feed is known as a chart, which can be used to describe even the most complex application, and provide a repeatable, versioned approach to Kubernetes deployments.

This feed type is available starting in ProGet 5.2.

Pre-requisite Configuration

In order to install packages from a ProGet feed, it must be added to the local list of repositories by running this command:

helm repo add proget http://{proget-server}/helm/{feed-name}

Using proget is recommened for the repo name, unless there are multiple feeds configuration in ProGet, in which case proget-{feed-name} should be used.

Common Tasks

Installing Helm Charts

To install a chart hosted by ProGet, run the following the commands:

helm repo update
helm install proget/{chart-name}

Note: The helm cli references --repo as the argument to install from a custom repository, but that will fail, likely with the following error message: "Error: Could not find protocol handler for:"

Creating Helm Charts

A basic Helm chart can be created using the following commands:

helm create {chart-name}
helm package {chart-name}

The create command will create a template/skeleton chart which can be modified as desired. The package command will package the chart into a .tgz file that can be pushed to ProGet.

Refer to the Helm chart creation documentation for more information.

Publishing Charts

The helm executable does not support pushing Helm charts, so ProGet offers 3 alternative methods to add charts to ProGet Helm feed:

Upload from ProGet Web Application

On the feed overview page, select "Add Package" and "Upload Chart" to upload a packaged Helm chart (i.e. .tgz file generated from the helm package command.

Publish via HTTP

To push a Helm chart via HTTP, issue a PUT or POST request with the package file as the content to: http://{proget-server}/helm/{feed-name}

This can be accomplished with the following examples:

Invoke-WebRequest http://{proget-server}/helm/{feed-name} -Headers @{"AUTHORIZATION"="Basic " + [System.Convert]::ToBase64String([System.Text.Encoding]::UTF8.GetBytes("{username}:{password}"))} -Method PUT -InFile {chart-name}-{chart-version}.tgz
curl http://{proget-server}/helm/{feed-name} --user <user>:<password> --upload-file <chart-name>-<chart-version>.tgz

Pull From External Repository

If the chart version you would like to install is available in an external Helm repository, use this option.

Technical Limitations

  • Signed (i.e. provenance) charts are not supported at this time, but may become available in a future v5.2 maintenance release

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