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Built-in Operations

  • Last Modified: 2019-08-08

This is generated from the built-in components of BuildMaster 6.1.10, and may be different than what you have installed (especially if you have extensions); go to [User Icon] > Documentation within your BuildMaster instance to see exactly what operations are available.


  • Build MSBuild Project - Builds a project or solution using MSBuild.
  • Ensure AppSetting - Ensures a .NET application configuration file has the specified appSetting key/value pair.
  • Write Assembly Versions - Updates AssemblyVersion, AssemblyFileVersion, and AssemblyInformationalVersion Attributes (in AssemblyInfo source files).


  • Create Artifact - Collects all of the files in a directory, compresses them in a zip file, and saves it to the artifact library.
  • Deploy Artifact - Retrieves the specified artifact from the artifact library and deploys it to a directory.


Configuration Files

  • Deploy Configuration File - Deploys an instance of a configuration file to disk after applying an optional template.
  • Export Configuration File - Exports a configuration file instance or template to disk without recording a deployment or replacing variables.




  • Set Execution Priority - Sets the priority of the current execution. Before an execution's priority is explicitly set, it effectively has a priority of negative infinity.
  • Wait for Higher Priority Executions - Waits for executions with a higher priority to complete. If the current execution has no explicitly set priority, the priority will be set to zero.



  • Download File from URL - Downloads a file from a specified URL using an HTTP GET.
  • Execute Process - Executes a process, logs its output, and waits until it exits.
  • Execute Shell Script - Executes a specified shell script.
  • Invoke Operation - Invokes a specified operation by its script alias.
  • Repackage Package - Changes the version number of a package in a ProGet feed and adds a repackaging entry to its metadata.
  • SHCall - Calls a shell script that is stored as an asset.
  • SHEnsure - Uses two shell scripts to Collect, and then Ensure a configuration about a server.
  • Sleep - Halts the execution of operations for the specified number of seconds.
  • Upload File to URL - Uploads a file to a specified URL using an HTTP POST or PUT.


  • HTTP GET Request - Executes an HTTP GET, DELETE, or HEAD request against a URL, typically used for RESTful operations.
  • HTTP POST to URL - Executes an HTTP POST/PUT/PATCH request to a URL, typically used for RESTful operations.


Issue Tracking

  • Add Comment to Issues - Writes a comment to all issues of the current release, optionally filtering by issue status.
  • Close Issues - Closes all open issues associated with the current release.




  • Ensure DSC Resource - Ensures the configuration of a specified PowerShell DSC Resource.
  • PSCall - Calls a PowerShell Script that is stored as an asset.
  • PSDsc - Ensures the configuration of a specified PowerShell DSC Resource.
  • PSEnsure - Uses two PowerShell scripts to Collect, and then Ensure a configuration about a server.
  • PSExec - Executes a specified PowerShell script.


  • Create Package - Creates a universal package from the specified directory.
  • Ensure Package - Ensures that the contents of a ProGet package are in the specified directory.
  • Get Package - Downloads the contents of a ProGet package to a specified directory.
  • Push Package - Uploads a universal package to a ProGet feed.




  • Acquire Server - Acquires a server from a resource pool defined by a server role. This operation is affected by execution priority.
  • Release Server - Releases a server from a resource pool if acquired previously in the execution.
  • Restart Server - Restarts a server and waits for it to become available again.


Source Control

  • Apply Label - Applies a label to source files in the repository.
  • Get Labeled - Gets the version of code from a repository with the specified label or tag.
  • Get Latest - Gets the latest version of code from a repository.
  • Tag - Copies a path in Source Control to a tag.


  • Query Package - Tests whether a universal package exists and optionally extracts its metadata.


  • Apply Template - Applies full template transformation on a literal, a file, or a template asset.


  • Sign Binary - Signs .exe or .dll files using an installed code signing certificate.
  • XDT Transform - Performs an XDT transform on a configuration file.

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