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Integrated Authentication

  • Last Modified: 2019-07-18

Integrated Authentication is an option that allows transparent user authentication, removing the web-based login prompt. When this option is enabled and working, whatever account you signed on to Windows with, will be used as your login.

TROUBLESHOOTING: Receiving 401 (Not Authorized), always prompted for credentials.

Web Server Configuration

The Integrated Web Server does not require additional configuration to support integrated authentication.

IIS installations require the following Authentication settings:

  • Anonymous Authentication = disabled
  • Windows Authentication = enabled

When this is configured, the web server and client will automatically negotiate and authenticate the user requesting the page.

User Configuration

To enable integrated authentication, click the Integrated Authentication link on the Administration page.

When this is checked, your Inedo product will attempt to read the LOGON_USER server variable, treat that as the already-authenticated user, and not prompt for a name and password. If there is no such server variable, it will prompt as per normal.

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