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  • Last Modified: 2020-03-02

ProGet offers a variety of API endpoints for working with feeds and managing ProGet.

API for Third-party Packages and Feed Types

In order to support third-party package formats types like NuGet, npm, etc., ProGet implements a variety of third-party APIs. We only provide minimal documentation for these APIs, as they are generally either already documented elsewhere. However, you can generally find the basics by searching for specific things you'd like to do with the API, such as "how to search for packages using the NuGet API" or "how to publish an npm package using the API".

ProGet Management APIs

The following first-class APIs are available in ProGet:

If you have any interest in these or ideas for others, please let us know.

ProGet Native API

The ProGet Native API is a lower-level API that allows manipulation of most settings and data within ProGet outside of the scope of third-party feeds. It should be avoided when another API is suitable, and is documented here: ProGet Native API Reference

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