ProGet Health
  • 23 May 2024
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ProGet Health

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ProGet Health is available as both a pgutil command and an HTTP Request, and allows you to quickly obtain information about the health and status of a ProGet instance.

🚀 Quick Example: Get the Health of a ProGet Instance with pgutil
pgutil health --source=http://progets.corp.local/

An API key is not required for ProGet Health.

Command Specification (CLI)

The health command has a single optional argument (--source), which can be a URL or the name of a source. See Working with Sources to learn more.

$> pgutil health --source=http://progets.corp.local/
Version: 2022.28 (Build 4)

Database: OK
License:  OK
Service:  Error

Replication (Server): OK
Replication (Client): OK

If any of the displayed statuses are not OK, a nonzero exit code will be reported.

HTTP Request Specification

To create an API key, simply perform a GET request to /health.

A response body will contain a ProGetHealthInfo JSON object (see ProGetHealthInfo.cs).

HTTP Response Specification

200 (Success)body will contain a ProGetHealthInfo JSON object
500 (Health Problem)indicates a health problem (such as service not running); the body will contain a ProGetHealthInfo object
500 (Server Error)indicates an unexpected error; the body will contain an error message and stack trace

ProGet 2023 and Earlier

ProGet 2023 and Earlier included a Connector Health API ( It did not really provide any useful or timely information, and was removed in ProGet 2024 as part of a larger connector refactoring.

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