License Restrictions
  • 23 Nov 2023
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License Restrictions

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Article Summary

ProGet is licensed per installation on an annual basis and has additional restrictions based on the edition as highlighted below:

Features by Edition

FeatureFreeProGet Basic $1995/AnnualProGet Enterprise $9995/annual
Unlimited Users but Load-Balancing is only for ProGet Enterprise
Multiple Feeds including: NuGet, PowerShell, Docker, Ruby Gems, VSIX, Chocolatey, npm, Bower, Maven, PyPI, Debian, Helm, Apk, Conda, etc.
NuGet Package Symbol Server
Deployment Records
Connectors to Third-Party Feeds
Connectors to Other ProGet Instances
Connector Filtering
License Detection and Blocking
Security and Access Controls
Active Directory Integration
Retention Rules
Package Statistics/Metrics
Cloud Storage
Package Promotion
Vulnerability Scanning
High Performance Features:
Load Balancing Support
Multi-Server Cluster
Automatic Failover
Multi-Site Replication
SAML Authentication

License Keys

For more information on License Key Management and Activation, visit the shared documentation here.

ProGet Free Edition Limitations

The following limitations are additional to the ones listed in the table above.

Client-side Feed Aggregation

Client-side feed aggregation in this context is defined as adding multiple package sources of the same feed type configured in a client tool, IDE, or by a build server. While ProGet users are unlimited by default license terms, developers must not aggregate feeds from more than one ProGet instance if any of them are free edition and used in a production environment. Developers may aggregate feeds from more than one instance even if one of the instances is a free edition for local testing purposes, such as: testing/creating packages, developing against the Inedo SDK, or experimenting with any of the ProGet APIs. However, using a free edition instance in a testing or staging environment is not permitted and each environment would require its own separate license.

Connector Limitations

ProGet is licensed per installation, and a license of ProGet Free Edition grants users one server per installation. While production and commercial use of the free edition is permitted, a free edition must not have a connector to a feed hosted by any other instance of ProGet and must not be the source of a connector from any other instance of ProGet (including paid editions).

This limitation does not apply to:

  • public repositories/registries not hosted by ProGet (such as,,, etc.)
  • Feeds hosted on a ProGet ISV Edition, such as Inedo's Public ProGet instance
  • other feeds in the same instance of the free edition
  • temporarily testing or debugging the validity of a connector locally

License Violations

If a connector limitation violation is detected, a warning banner will be displayed in the UI of the target ProGet instance listing the instances in violation of the license. To remedy this, any connectors to free editions in the target ProGet instance (free or paid) must be removed, and/or the administrator of an offending free instance must be notified in order to remove the connector to the target instance.

Once all connectors to the free edition are removed from the target instance and/or all connectors to the target instance are removed from the offending instance(s), the violations may be cleared to remove the warning banner.

Clearing Violations

To clear recorded violations and remove the warning, visit the Admin > License Key & Activation page within ProGet, edit and re-save the license key. Note, if the offending instance still has a connector, the warning will eventually reappear.


The following examples help to clarify the rules for ProGet licensing:

  • Compliant - 2 distinct business units at Acme Co. both have ProGet Free, both have developers, but do not connect to or reference packages from the other instance
  • Noncompliant - 2 distinct business units at Acme Co. both have ProGet Free, both have developers, but a single CI tool downloads packages from each instance
  • Compliant - Alana is attempting to code a Package Filter in custom extension for Acme Co. and wants to test the functionality on her laptop before configuring it on Acme Co.'s ProGet installation
  • Noncompliant - Chad has configured Visual Studio with the following sources:, Acme Co.'s ProGet Free NuGet Feed1, and Acme Co.'s ProGet Enterprise NuGet Feed2
  • Compliant - Alana has configured Visual Studio with the following sources:, Acme Co.'s ProGet Free NuGet Feed1, and Acme Co.'s ProGet Free npm Feed2
  • Noncompliant- Chad has ProGet Enterprise (up to 5 servers) and "splits" them by configuring 2 servers in a testing environment and 3 in production
  • Compliant - Alana has purchased ProGet Enterprise for production and ProGet Basic to test a single-server upgrade in her testing environment

License Restrictions in the Enterprise
Organizations that develop software in multiple locations with multiple teams are often faced with differing license requirements per region. Read our supporting multisite development guide to learn how ProGet can help you overcome licensing challenges.

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