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License Restrictions

  • Last Modified: 2019-07-18

Otter is licensed by number of servers configured in the software on an annual or perpetual basis. Otter Free Edition includes all the features of Otter Enterprise with two important differences:

  1. Every authenticated user in the system is authorized to perform any function, effectively making every authenticated user a System Administrator
  2. "View-only" access for all unauthenticated users (see Specific Guest Account Tasks for complete list of granted task attributes)

License Keys

For more information on License Key Management and Activation, visit the docs here.

Specific Guest Account Tasks

The Free edition automatically grants the following specific task attributes to unauthenticated users:

  • Assets: View
  • Configuration Plans: View
  • Executions: View
  • Jobs: View History
  • Orchestration Plans: View
  • Servers: View
  • Variables: View

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