Installation Configuration Files
  • 27 Jan 2023
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Installation Configuration Files

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We generally recommend using the Inedo Hub to manage the installation configuration for your Inedo products. However, you can also edit the configuration files directly.

This applies to BuildMaster 6.0.7+, ProGet 5.1.0+, and Otter 2.0.9+. See Legacy Configuration Files if you're using an older version.

Installation Configuration Files

Inedo products installed on Windows use a common configuration file path for their web and service components.

Configuration File Location

Inedo products look for a configuration file in %PROGRAMDATA%\Inedo\SharedConfig\. On most systems, %PROGRAMDATA% will resolve to C:\ProgramData\Inedo\SharedConfig.

Product File Example path
BuildMaster BuildMaster.config C:\ProgramData\Inedo\SharedConfig\BuildMaster.config
ProGet ProGet.config C:\ProgramData\Inedo\SharedConfig\ProGet.config
Otter Otter.config C:\ProgramData\Inedo\SharedConfig\Otter.config

Configuration File Format

The configuration file for your Inedo product is a simple XML format:

  <ConnectionString>SQL Server database connection string</ConnectionString>
  <EncryptionKey>32-character hex key for stored secrets</EncryptionKey>
  <WebServer Enabled="true/false" Urls="web server listen URLs" />
  • The ConnectionString element contains the SQL connection string used by your Inedo product.
  • The EncryptionKey element is optional and if specified, will be used to encrypt stored credentials for remote resources.
  • The WebServer element controls the integrated web server. If you are using IIS, the Enabled attribute should be set to false. If Enabled is set to true, then the Urls attribute should contain URLs to listen to (for example http://my.local.BuildMaster:80/;http://localhost:1000/).

Web.config and other .NET Configuration

Inedo products are built using .NET, and therefore have standard .NET configuration files for configuring the runtime environment for the web (web.config) and service («inedo-product».Service.exe.config) components.

We don't recommending changing these configuration files, and doing so may make your Inedo product unstable. In addition, your changes may be overwritten during an upgrade.

Legacy Configuration Files

Previous versions of Inedo products duplicated the connection string and encryption key in two different configuration files.

Product Affected versions Connection String & EncryptionKey
BuildMaster 6.0.6 and earlier Web_appSettings.config and App_appSettings.config
ProGet 5.0.x and earlier Web.config and ProGet.Service.exe.config
Otter 2.0.8 and earlier Web.config and Otter.Service.exe.config

These values can still be defined in these files for compatibility purposes, and if present will override what is specified in the "shared" config file. Both of these files must have the same values.

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