Configuring & Maintaining Inedo Products
  • 21 Aug 2023
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Configuring & Maintaining Inedo Products

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The Inedo Hub allows you to configure certain settings and see the status of your Inedo products. This document explains how to configure and maintain your Inedo product through the Inedo Hub.

Service Tab

The Services tab displays the status of all Windows services for each installed product. The Services tab for ProGet is shown below, but it is identical for every Inedo product.

If everything is in order, then you should see "Running" displayed next to your Widows services.

Services Tab

If something has disrupted the service, then the status will change from "Running" to "Stopped".

Stopped Service

To start or stop a service, use the Windows "Services" tool.

Configuration Tab

The Configuration tab displays entries stored in each product's configuration file.

The configuration file stores a small number of key/value pairs that are unsuitable for storage in the associated database, such as: connection string, integrated web server configuration, encryption key, and web server URLs.

Configuration Tab

Configuration SettingDescription
Connection StringAn expression that contains the parameters required for an Inedo product to connect a server
Encryption KeyA randomly generated key tied to your Inedo product instance
Integrated Web Server EnabledA checkable box indicating if an integrated web server is enabled
Web Server URLsThe web server URL

The values under the Configuration tab can be edited by clicking "Change Settings".

Logs Tab

The Logs tab in the Inedo Hub provides a history of installations done in the Inedo Hub.

Inedo Hub Logs

These can be useful to send to our support team, or trace when a version of a product was installed.

Offline Installer

The easiest way to install Inedo products is to use the Inedo Hub, however we do also have instructions on how to create an offline installer in the case you have no internet access.

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