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License Key Management

  • Last Modified: 2019-07-17

Changing a license key within an Inedo product can be done via the “Licensing & Activation” page where there will be a link to add or change a key. You may request a new key from MyInedo.

Non-production License Rights

Note: this section only applies to customers who have not signed a custom license agreement.

For Inedo Enterprise products that are licensed by user (i.e. BuildMaster & Hedgehog), it is acceptable to assign and activate a current production key in the non-production environment provided that the same named users are covered under both instances.

For the products that are licensed by server (i.e. ProGet & Otter), if an enterprise key is used in production, a separate server license must be purchased in order to configure a non-production instance for each additional server.

Stopgap License Keys

In certain cases, an annual license can expire without a replacement key rendering an Inedo product unusable, for example, when a PO is still in the approval process, a license key was not received via email, the party responsible for the license is on vacation, and more.

Whatever the cause, you are permitted to request a free or trial license key from MyInedo and use that in an installation until such time the normal enterprise key is released. This will not affect the expiration date of the new license.

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