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  • Last Modified: 2019-07-18

Universal Package Feeds were designed to provide immediate, out-of-the-box functionality for most packaging needs, and also to serve as a platform that you can easily extend or interact with.

Shared Documentation Note - instead of creating a whole new set of documentation for Universal Packages and Feeds we've kept the detail pages in the Various Documentation, and the ProGet specific things are noted on these pages:

UPack Command-line Tool

upack.exe is a standalone command-line tool to aide in the creation of universal packages, and is typically used on build servers or in other automation scenarios.

Universal Package Registry

Universal Feeds and Packages are "lightweight" and, on their own, have very few built-in features. This design has allowed them to be utilized for all sorts of packaging problems such as application delivery, Inedo's product extensions, and even private Bower packages.

When developing a package-based solution, one question that often comes up is "what packages are installed or used in this particular context?" That's where the Universal Package Registry comes in; it's a local package registry designed specifically for Universal Packages.

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