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Multiple Feeds & Groups

Modified on July 19, 2024view on GitHub

ProGet supports the configuration of multiple feeds and optionally the grouping of these feeds into feed groups.

Multiple Feeds

The main advantage of using multiple feeds is package organization. In theory, you could put everything in a single feed, but there are millions of packages, and managing them in a single feed can get overwhelming very quickly.

You can organize package feeds in a number of ways. For example, you may want to segment your feeds by groups or teams that should use them. This way, a team can focus only on the packages they need without being weighed down by packages they don't need.

Another way to organize feeds is by quality ( Untested, Production-ready, etc.). Configurations such as security and storage can also be a deciding factor in organizing your various feeds. With ProGet, you to place Security and Access Controls to feeds and give teams different access to different feeds. For example, you may want Lead Engineers to be able to publish packages to the Production Feed.

Feed Groups

As of ProGet v6, feeds can be placed in different feed groups, which can be helpful:

  • Visual grouping of related applications in the user interface
  • Simplifying permissions for all feeds in the group
  • Allowing the creation of feeds in a specific group

Feed groups can be created on the Manage Feed page by entering the name of a group that doesn't already exist. You can also configure feeds and their groups at Admin > Feed Groups.