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Debian Feeds in ProGet

  • Last Modified: 2019-07-17

Debian is a free operating system whose programs are distributed using packages that can be installed with APT. As of ProGet v5.2, Debian packages can be hosted and installed from ProGet.

Pre-requisite Configuration

Configure the Signing Key in ProGet

In order to serve packages from a Debian feed, a signing key must be created within ProGet. Once a feed is created, visit the Manage Feed page, and select "manage keys" in the Properties panel. Enter a description (just use something like "proget" or "default" if creating a single one), and click "Generate Key".

After a brief delay, the key will be generated, and its fingerprint visible in the Manage Keys window.

Client Configuration

In order to actually install packages from ProGet, each client must perform the following steps:

1. Add the signing key

To add the key to apt, run the following commands:

wget -O "deb.gpg" http://{proget-server}/debian-feeds/{feed-name}.pub && sudo apt-key add "{feed-name}.gpg" 
echo "deb http://{proget-server}/ {feed-name} {component-name}" | sudo tee /etc/apt/sources.list.d/{proget-deb}.list

If this signing key is not created in ProGet and added to your public key ring bundle, you may see a message similar to:

N: Updating from such a repository can't be done securely, and is therefore disabled by default.

2. Update apt

In order to actually install packages from a ProGet feed, the package cache must be updated by running:

sudo apt update

Common Tasks

Installing Packages

Debian packages are installed using apt-get. To install a package hosted by ProGet, use the command:

sudo apt install "{package-name}"

Creating Packages

To learn how to create a Debian package, visit the Creating a Debian package chapter of the Debian Administrator's handbook.

Publishing Packages

apt does not support uploading a package, so ProGet offers a few alternative methods to publish Debian packages:

Upload from ProGet Web Application

On the feed overview page, select "Add Package" and "Upload Debian Package" to upload a .deb file generated from the dpkg-deb command.

Publish via HTTP

To push a Debian package via HTTP, issue a PUT or POST request with the package file as the content to: http://{proget-server}/debian-packages/upload/{feed-name}/{component-name}/{file-name}.deb

curl http://{proget-server}/debian-packages/upload/{feed-name}/{component-name}/{package-name}.deb --user <user>:<password> --upload-file {my-package}.deb
wget http://{proget-server}/debian-packages/upload/{feed-name}/{component-name}/{package-name}.deb --http-user <user> --http-password <password> --method POST --body-file {my-package}.deb
Invoke-WebRequest http://{proget-server}/debian-packages/upload/{feed-name}/{component-name}/{package-name}.deb -Credential [System.Net.NetworkCredential]::new('<user>', '<password>') -Method PUT -InFile {my-package}.deb

Technical Limitations

  • Connectors are not support for Debian feeds
  • InRelease endpoint (i.e. the clear-signed index) is not supported due to issues with the BouncyCastle library generating invalid armored output, we will hopefully have this working a future maintenance release

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