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Package Deployment

  • Last Modified: 2019-07-17

When a package is deployed from a feed using a tool (such as BuildMaster or Hedgehog ProGet records information about that deployment, such as the target and the user that performed the deployment.

Custom Records

Consumers of any package type may customize the GET request with the following HTTP headers:

  • X-ProGet-Deployment-Application - (Required) the application or tool doing the deployment e.g. NuGet, BuildMaster, Some Custom Tool
  • X-ProGet-Deployment-Description - (Required) brief summary of deployment
  • X-ProGet-Deployment-Target - (Required) string that identifies where the package was installed, typically the server name
  • X-ProGet-Deployment-Url - (Optional) URL that links to more information about the deployment
  • X-ProGet-Deployment-UserName - (Optional) name of the user performing the deployment, defaults to authenticated user
  • X-ProGet-Deployment-Date -(Optional) ISO 8601 UTC date of deployment, or current date if not supplied

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