Package Promotion (Promote) API
  • 24 Feb 2023
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Package Promotion (Promote) API

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The Package Promotion API helps automate Package Promotion in ProGet by posting JSON- or Form-encoded data to instruct ProGet to promote a package.

The status of these promotions can be queried using the Package Promotion (Query) API.

Security & API Keys

Before using this endpoint, you will need to create an API Key with the appropriate permissions.

Access Type Requirements
System API Keys Use/Manage Feeds Permission
Feed API Keys Promote Permission
Personal API Key associated user must have Feeds: Accept Package Promotions

Specifying the API Key

This API Key can be included in the posted data as a JSON Property (API_Key) or Form-encoded Value (key). You can pass it as a header (X-ApiKey) or querystring (key). See API Key Usage to learn more.


POST /api/promotions/promote

Promotes a package to a specified feed. Of the fields listed in the request body, all fields are required except for groupName and comments.

For npm feeds, groupName should be the package scope (e.g. @mycompany or @vue).

For Docker registries, packageName should be the full repository name (e.g. bitnami/dotnet) and version should be the tag (e.g. a version number).

JSON Request

`POST /api/promotions/promote Content-Type: application/json`

Request Body:

  packageName: "hdars-package",
  groupName: "",
  version: "1000.0.0",
  fromFeed: "hdars-integration-feed",
  toFeed: "hdars-production-feed",
  comments: "This package was promoted by BuildMaster HDARS Application"

URL-Encoded Request

`POST /api/promotions/promote Content-Type: application/x-www-form-urlencoded`

Request Body:


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