Upgrading to ProGet 5.2 (2019)
  • 28 May 2021
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Upgrading to ProGet 5.2 (2019)

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Article Summary

If you're using v2 or v3, see Upgrading from ProGet v2 and v3 for special upgrade considerations

Although ProGet 5.2 is not the latest version of ProGet, you may need to upgrade to it first if you have any Legacy (Quirks) NuGet Feeds. All NuGet feeds created prior to ProGet 5.0 are considered Legacy (Quirks) NuGet feeds, and can be migrated to normal ordinary NuGet feeds from within ProGet 5.2.

Once you've migrated your Legacy (Quirks) NuGet feeds, you will be able to upgrade to ProGet 5.3 or later.

Change Summary

The following table summarizes all of the changes introduced in v5.0, 5.1, and v5.2. You can see what changed in v4 in Upgrade Notes for ProGet v4.

 ProGet 5.0 
  • New UI
  • Webhooks
  • NuGet feeds support SemVer 2.0
  • Targets .NET Framework 4.5.2
  • New SDK
ProGet 5.1
  • Support for Docker connectors
  • Virtual packages
  • Inedo Hub installer
  • Shared configuration
ProGet 5.2
  • add PyPI, Debian, and Helm feed types
  • add APIs for Feed Management and Connector Health
  • add one-way replication and replication dashboard
  • support for Azure SQL databases
  • support for SQL Server on Linux
  • add opt-in Loupe integration
  • license non-compliance notifications 
  • Bower feeds are now deprecated 
  • Postgres database support is deprecated 
  • Legacy NuGet/MyGet feed sync removed 
  • Various bug fixes and enhancements 

Upgrade Impact & Deprecated Features

PostgreSQL Deprecated (5.2)

As of ProGet v5.2, Postgres support for ProGet Docker installations is deprecated, and will no longer be supported in 5.3. You can follow Migrating a ProGet Feed documentation.

Bower feeds Deprecated (5.2)

Additionally, Bower feeds are now deprecated in favor of npm, as Bower itself has been deprecated. They will likely be removed in a future version.

MyGet Feed Sync Removed(5.2)

While MyGet feed sync was deprecated long ago (and removed from the UI in v5.0), it has fully been removed from v5.2. It is replaced by feed replication.

Inedo Hub Installer (5.1)

ProGet now supports installation using the Inedo Hub installer. This installer offers a simplified experience with improved logging and can manage other Inedo products as well.

The traditional and manual installers continue to remain available as alternatives, but once the Inedo Hub is used to upgrade or install a ProGet instance, the traditional installer will no longer be able to upgrade it.

Shared Configuration (5.1)

As of ProGet 5.1.3, instances managed by either installer use a single config file for a small number of essential values instead of a duplicated app.config and web.config appSettings sections. This new config file is located in %ProgramData%\Inedo\SharedConfig\ProGet.config. The installers will automatically migrate settings to this file on the upgrade.

Deprecated NuGet (Quirks) Feeds (5.0)

Creating NuGet (Quirks) feeds is no longer supported. Visit the Legacy (Quirks) documentation to learn about migration for existing feeds.

Inedo.SDK (5.0)

ProGet now serves extensions built against the Inedo SDK, so all custom extensions must be rebuilt before they can be used in ProGet v5.0. Learn more about the Inedo SDK by visiting the documentation. The Inedo.SDK does not have Package & Feed Adapters and uses PackageStore instead of FileSystem.

You may also need to reinstall extensions by first deleting the files in your extensions path, and reinstalling them.

How Do I Upgrade?

On Windows, ProGet may be upgraded by running the latest Inedo Hub installer, so make sure the database gets backed up. Note that during an upgrade, some schema changes will be applied.

Linux (i.e., Docker) installations may be upgraded by pulling the latest inedo/proget image and restarting the container, as per the Linux Installation Guide.


See restoring your ProGet instance for how to roll back.

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