Chocolatey (Windows/Machine)
  • 28 Feb 2022
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Chocolatey (Windows/Machine)

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Chocolatey Feeds in Proget

Chocolatey is a package manager for Windows. Similar to Linux tools like apt or yum, but designed specifically for Windows, Chocolatey was designed to be a decentralized framework for quickly installing applications and tools that you need.

Prerequisite Configuration

ProGet is compatible with all versions of the Chocolatey client, going back to the first release in 2011.

Installing Packages

There are four ways to add a package to your Chocolatey feed:

  1. Push via Chocolatey Command Line:
choco install {package-name} --version {package-version} --source http://{proget-server}/nuget/{feed-name}/
  1. Upload from Disk
  2. Pull from
  3. Bulk import existing Chocolatey packages

Creating Packages

To learn how to create a package that can be hosted by ProGet, visit the Creating Chocolatey Packages.

Differences from NuGet Feeds

Because the Chocolatey API is built on top of the NuGet v2 API, a Chocolatey feed in ProGet is actually a NuGet feed with some slight behavioral differences:

  • Packages in Chocolatey feeds have a different icon to indicate that they are intended for use by Chocolatey
  • Package install instructions also provide an example for installing the package using choco instead of NuGet
  • The Package Usage feature is enabled, while the Package Consumers feature is disabled
  • Internalized packages can be hosted in Chocolatey feeds

ProGet + Chocolatey Webinar

In the video below, Chocolatey founder Rob Reynolds presents a demo of ProGet and Chocolatey, reviewing how both come together to provide a complete Windows package management solution.

ProGet's user interface has been updated since this video, but the guidance offered is still applicable.

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