Delete ApiKey
  • 13 May 2024
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Delete ApiKey

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Article summary

Delete ApiKey is available as both a pgutil command and an HTTP Request, and will delete an API key in ProGet.

🚀 Quick Example: Delete an API Key with pgutil
pgutil apikeys delete --id=1000

This API requires ProGet 2024.3 or later.

Command Specification (CLI)

The apikeys delete command requires an --id option and has an optional --source and related authentication options (i.e. --api-key or --username / --password). See Working with Sources in pgutil to learn more.

Example: Finding then Deleting an API Key

You can find the Id of an ApiKey using the apikeys list command. See List ApiKeys to learn more.

$> pgutil apikeys list
(unnamed key)
  Id:          1000
  Expiration:  None
  Logging:     None
  Type:        Personal
  User:        Admin
$> pgutil apikeys delete --id=1000
Deleting API key (id=1000)...
API key deleted.

Note source options must also be specified unless you have the "Default" source configured, and that a feed may be instead specified in the source. See Working with Sources to learn more.

HTTP Request Specification

To delete an API key, simply POST to /api/api-keys/delete?id=«apikey-id».

HTTP Response Specification

200 (Success)indicates the API key was deleted; the body will contain the text of the api key created
400 (Invalid Input)indicates a missing or non-integer value for id
403 (Unauthorized API Key)indicates a missing, unknown, or unauthorized API Key; the package status will not be updated
404 (API Key Not Found)indicates the specified key was not found
500 (Server Error)indicates an unexpected error; the body will contain the message and stack trace, and this will also be logged

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