Service Administration
  • 25 Aug 2023
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Service Administration

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Article Summary

The Otter Service is a key component of Otter's high-availability architecture, and is responsible for executing scripts, communicating with agents/servers, and performing other background tasks.

It's a standard Windows Service Application, and can be managed and configured using the Windows Service Manager or sc.exe as you see fit.

Service Configuration

By default, the Otter Service is named INEDOOTTERSVC, runs under the NetworkService account, and is granted Read, Write, and ListDirectory privileges to the following paths, as defined in Advanced Settings:

  • Extensions.CommonCachePath
  • Extensions.ExtensionsPath
  • Extensions.BuiltInExtensionsPath
  • System.ServiceTempPath
  • System.WebTempPath

If you choose to configure this as a custom domain account, it will be important to grant these same privileges.

Managing the Service from the Web Application

In addition to stopping, starting, and restarting (on Windows only) the Otter Service, you can view live logs from the service; this can be helpful in diagnosing problems or working with Inedo's support team to track down unexpected behavior or bugs.

Task Runners

  • ServerCheckerTimedExecuter - this runs every hour, performs a lightweight handshake on each remote agent, and upgrades the agent as needed
  • JobDispatcherTimedExecuter - this runs every minute, checks for scheduled jobs, and executes those jobs as needed
  • RoutineConfigurationTimedExecuter - this runs every hour (you can change this with RoutineConfigurationExecutionThrottle in All Settings), and executes configuration plans for all servers
  • UpdateCheckerTimedExecuter - this runs every six hours (you disable this with Updates.PerformUpdateChecks in All Settings), and communicates with for an updated version of the software

Otter.Service.exe CLI

The Otter.Service.exe also contains a command line interface (CLI) to reset the admin account, manage the integrated web server, manually install the service, and can be run interactively for debugging purposes.

The CLI commands are:

runRuns the Otter service and/or the Otter web server interactively.
installInstalls the Otter service as a Windows service.
installwebInstalls the Otter integrated web server as a Windows service.
uninstallUninstalls the Otter Windows service.
uninstallwebUninstalls the Otter integrated web server Windows service.
listreservationsDisplays the URL reservations in the system.
reserveurlsReserves one or more URLs with HTTP.SYS.
deletereservationsDeletes one or more URL reservations.
resetadminpasswordSwitches to the built-in user directory and changes the Admin account password to "Admin".

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