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  • Last Modified: 2021-04-09

Because the agent protocol requires that all Inedo Agent clients and servers be fully backward- and forward-compatible, having a semantic versioning scheme doesn't make a lot of sense. Instead, we have a single integer that we use to differentiate released versions.

Published versions:

VersionDateShipped in ProductNotes

Agent Installer
Manual Install

January 20, 2021Otter 3.0.0Support for outgoing connection mode
Automatic instancing based on source address
New configuration file format

Agent Installer
Manual Install

December 20, 2019BuildMaster 6.1.21
Otter 2.2.13
IAGT-23 - FIX: Agent impersonation may fail when impersonating a non-administrator account

Agent Installer
Manual Install

December 4, 2019BuildMaster 6.1.20IAGT-21 - FIX: Starting a process with different credentials may fail when agent service is running as Local System
IAGT-22 - FIX: Impersonation fails when specifying a domain account in domain\user format

Agent Installer
Manual Install

August 7, 2019BuildMaster 6.1.11IAGT-10 - FIX: Instance ID is not always respected in agent commands
43 - major update

Agent Installer
Manual Install

July 19, 2019none yetIAGT-3 - FIX: Agent version in registry is not updated during automatic agent upgrades
IAGT-4 - Allow larger encryption keys for AES encryption mode
IAGT-9 - FIX: Installer should not change encryption key if the configuration already exists
IAGT-10 - Update Logo to use Inedo glyph instead of Otter glyph
IAGT-14 - Implement agent protocol v2
IAGT-15 - Add multi-instance support
IAGT-16 - Add isolation/impersonation support
IAGT-17 - FIX: Validate current agent name in .current file after it is read

Agent Installer
Manual Install

March 4, 2019BuildMaster 6.1.1IAGT-12 - FIX: Unhandled exceptions during command deserialization can cause agent to crash

Agent Installer
Manual Install

September 27, 2018Otter 2.1.0IAGT-5 - Target .NET 4.5.2
IAGT-6 - FIX: Handshake connection timeouts may not expire properly
IAGT-7 - Allow more than one client to handshake with the server at one time
IAGT-8 - Add HandshakeTimeout configuration value

Agent Installer
Manual Install

January 18, 2018Otter 2.0.2IAGT-2 - FIX: Operations hang if agent process exits before they complete

Agent Installer
Manual Install

November 8, 2018BuildMaster 5.8.2IAGT-1 - FIX: Possible leaked memory mapped file pointer when resources are released via finalizer

Agent Installer

August 14, 2017Otter 1.7.2
BuildMaster 5.8.0
Fix v37 regression (may crash after idle timeout period)
37August 14, 2017Otter 1.7.1Potential fix for memory leaks
36July 6, 2017BuildMaster 5.7.3
Otter 1.6.3
Agent installer change to better report errors
35September 16, 2016BuildMaster 5.4.0
Otter 1.4.1
Add SessionID to error log
34August 14, 2016BuildMaster 5.1.4
Otter 1.2.0
Major changes; BuildMaster support and various improvements including Healthcheck
20*May 24, 2016Otter 1.1.2Minor installer bugfix for silent installation
17*December 23, 2015Otter 1.0.0First public version

The gap between versions is intentional. Most of our released versions are not publicly available, and are built and released for one or two users, to attempt to address/isolate some strange edge case.

Note that BuildMaster did not use the Inedo agents until v5.1.4.

*Note that versions 17 and 20 will still work, but only with Otter.

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