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Server Flow

  • Last Modified: 2019-07-18

This is the series of events which occurs when a client (product) connects to an Inedo Agent:

  1. The client (BuildMaster, Hedgehog, or Otter) opens a TCP socket to the server (InedoAgent.exe) and sends a 24-byte Handshake message
  2. The server sends a Handshake acknowledgement to the client
  3. The server is now ready to receive a message from the client

The server will then wait for commands from the connected client. These connections are relatively short-lived, and kept open for the duration of deployment, configuration, or orchestration executions.

The following events occur when an InedoAgent.exe receives a message that targets a product host process:

  1. InedoAgent.exe forwards message the product host process using the shared-memory buffer
  2. The product host process reads the message and processes it
  3. If the messages requires a response, the product host process sends a message to InedoAgent.exe using the shared-memory buffer
  4. InedoAgent.exe forwards messages to connected clients

Also note that, while servers can have multiple connected clients, a client will generally share a single session across multiple executions.

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