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Message Formats

  • Last Modified: 2019-07-18

Meta-agent messages are backward and forward compatible, meaning that any changes to their formats must work in all past and future versions of the InedoAgent without error. In the event a breaking change is needed, the agent's protocol version number in the handshake will be incremented. Product-specific agent messages are allowed to change completely at any time, since agent host processes run in a totally isolated environment, and are always brought up to date with the connecting client version.

Data Conventions

All messages are binary encoded. For clarity, high-level data types such as string, int32, etc are used to describe message formats. This section describes how those data types are serialized to binary.

  • int32 - 32-bit integer. Encoded as 4 bytes, little-endian (least significant bits first).
  • int64 - 64-bit integer. Encoded as 8 bytes, little-endian (least significant bits first).
  • string - variable-length UTF8 string. The length of the string (in bytes) is prefixed as a variable-length unsigned 32-bit integer, written 7 bits at a time, with the high (8th) bit of each byte set to indicate another byte follows. For example, any length less than 128 is written as a single byte. This is the standard format used by the BinaryWriter class in .NET.
  • array>type> - variable-length array of serialized item. The array is prefixed with an int32 specifying how many items follow.
  • datetime - int64 value that stores a .NET UTC DateTime.Ticks value.

Meta Messages

Update Agent

Raw format for the message:

byte: Agent type to update (0=meta, 1=otter, 2=buildmaster, 3=hedgehog)
array<UpdateFile>: agent assembly files (binaries)
array<UpdateFile>: agent extension files (.upack files, only valid for agent type=otter/buildmaster/hedgehog)

Response for the message:


UpdateFile structure format

This is the format used to describe updated files in the Update Agent message:

string: file name
datetime: file modification timestamp
array<byte>: file contents

Get Agent Root Path

Raw format for the message:

byte: Agent type (1=otter,2=buildmaster,3=hedgehog)

Response for the message:

string: Root temp path for the agent

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