HOWTO: Upgrade or Downgrade with the Inedo Hub
  • 19 Aug 2022
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HOWTO: Upgrade or Downgrade with the Inedo Hub

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Article summary

ProGet, BuildMaster, and Otter are self-managed, which means that you are in complete control of when, and how often to upgrade. This lets you eliminate the risk of being "surprised" by unwanted new features or undetected bugs.

This article provides step-by-step instructions for how to upgrade of downgrade an Inedo product with the Inedo Hub.

Step 1: Decide If You Should Upgrade Your Inedo Product

Before updating to a newer version, you should weigh the costs associated with the update process against the value and benefits of the new features or bug fixes added.

We have an article to help you decide when to upgrade and see if upgrading is the right decision, and when to do it.

For minor releases, you can see detailed changelogs at MyInedo.

For major releases, we'll make a document detailing what is included in the update and some important things to keep in mind before updating. For example:

Step 2: Decide Which Version to Upgrade To

When an upgrade is available the "Downgrade" button will be replaced with "Upgrade". Note that you can still click on "Upgrade" and select an older version to downgrade to.

Inedo Hub Main Screen

Step 3: Perform the Upgrade

Backing Up Your Data

Before upgrading your Inedo product, we recommend performing a back-up, just in case something goes wrong and you need to rollback. This is especially important when performing a major upgrade.

Click on "Upgrade" next to the Inedo product you wish to upgrade, select the desired version, and click on "Upgrade" below the Connection String. You can also upgrade to a pre-release version of an Inedo product!

Version Selection

Step 3: Launch your Upgraded Inedo Product

After clicking "Upgrade" at the end of step 2 the Inedo Hub will take care of the rest. When the Inedo product is finished upgrading you will be brought back to the main Inedo Hub where your Inedo product will be displayed with the new version number.

Inedo Hub After Upgrading BuildMaster

Click "Launch" to begin using the new version of your Inedo Product!

How to Downgrade

When you may need to downgrade simply follow the same steps above, but instead of selecting a new version in step 2 you will select the relevant older version you wish to downgrade too.

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