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  • Last Modified: 2020-06-26

This is generated from the built-in components of BuildMaster 6.2.13, and may be different than what you have installed (especially if you have extensions); go to [User Icon] > Documentation within your BuildMaster instance to see exactly what operations are available.

Invoke Module

Executes an OtterScript module stored in BuildMaster.

Script usage:

	Module: <text>,
	[Arguments: <%(key1: value1, ...)>],
	[CaptureOutputArguments: <@(text)>]

This operation may be prefixed with BuildMaster::, although this is a built-in namespace and isn't really necessary.


Name Format Script Usage Usage Notes
Module (default)
This argument is required.
%(key1: value1, ...)
Specify arguments to pass in to the module using a map. If any required values are not supplied, a runtime error will be raised. For example: %(arg1: value, arg2: @(list,of,items))
Capture output arguments
Specify output arguments to capture and set in the calling scope as variables using a list. For example: @(filePath,errorMessage)

Note: Runtime variables you've defined before executing an Invoke operation will not be visible to the invoked script, and variables that you set within the invoked script will not be available.


# This will call the global "MyModule" module and pass in an argument called $name with value "Steve"
Invoke-Module global::MyModule
    AdditionalArguments: %(name: Steve)

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