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  • Last Modified: 2019-12-23

There are various API endpoints you can use to programmatically query or configure BuildMaster instances.

Infrastructure ManagementQuery, create, and update servers, environments, and server roles
Variables ManagementView, create, update, and delete configuration variables
Release & Build DeploymentCreate and deploy builds or releases
CI BadgeGenerate CI badge images that link back to BuildMaster
HealthGenerate Health Check and version information for your instance of BuildMaster

If you have any interest in extending these or other endpoints, please let us know!

API Keys

Access to any BuildMaster API requires an API key. Refer to the API Keys documentation for more information.

BuildMaster Native API

The BuildMaster Native API is a lower-level API that effectively wraps the BuildMaster data layer. It's not terribly intuitive, but its documented here: BuildMaster Native API Reference.

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