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Executing Tasks as a Different User

  • Last Modified: 2019-12-04

Every operation within a BuildMaster plan is executed by the user account configured on the BuildMaster service. By default this is the Local System account. At some point you may run into a scenario that prevents you from using the default user and you need to specify a different user to complete an operation or operations. Some common reasons might be:

  • Run a script that needs to be executed by a user with higher or different permissions.
  • Access a server that is protected with windows authentication, such as a SQL Server.

How to run a task using Different Credentials

BuildMaster 6.1.11 and later along with InedoAgent v4.3 and later offer this functionality. In order to run sections of your plan as a different user you simply need to add a with credentials operation call around the block of script you want to use different credentials for.

In the sample below we are using the resource credentials named remote-server-credentials. You will need to set up a username and password type of resource credential prior to creating your OtterScript. These credentials will be used to gain permission to whatever task you will be running.

for server remote-server
    with credentials=remote-server-credentials
    // all remote commands executed here will be performed in a process
    // running under the specified credentials

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