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Diagnostic Center

  • Last Modified: 2019-07-17

The diagnostic center is intended to diagnose known issues in BuildMaster and contains log messages that otherwise would not be captured by other subsystems. For example, issue synchronization occurs in the context of an execution, which maintains its own logging for diagnostic purposes. However, if there were some reason it failed outside the scope of the synchronization (e.g. a required BuildMaster extension was uninstalled), a message would be logged in the diagnostic center. At this time, only the latest 1000 messages are preserved and if more are written, the oldest messages are purged.

Message Levels

By default, only messages with warning or error level are logged. If more verbosity is required, the level can be changed from the Diagnostic Center page, or by setting the value of the Diagnostics.MinimumLogLevel value to one of the following values:

  • 0 - debug
  • 10 - information
  • 20 - warning
  • 30 - error

Any value supplied will implicitly include any higher levels. The debug setting should only be used when diagnosing a known issue as it can affect performance of the system.

Prior to BuildMaster v6.0, the minimum log level was configured in the Web_appSettings.config and App_appSettings.config files by adding the following key value pair to the appSettings node: <add key="Core.MinimumLogLevel" value="20" />

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