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Building a .NET console application in BuildMaster

  • Last Modified: 2019-07-18


You can use BuildMaster to build an app written in any language. That includes .NET Console apps. BuildMaster allows you to build, test and deploy applications of any type using our intuitive interface or our integrated scripting language.

By adding the Build MSBuild Project operation to your plan you can build your .NET console application for any configuration (degug, release, etc) or platform (x86, x64, Win32, etc).

Sample Plan:

MSBuild::Build-Project <pathToProject>\<projectName>.csproj
    Configuration: Debug,
    Platform: AnyCPU

This plan effectively runs this "msbuild.exe" command

msbuild <pathToProject>\<projectName>.csproj /p:Configuration=Debug;Platform=AnyCPU"

Additional Options

You can further customize this operation by specifying values for these additional options:

  • Target directory: Full path where the console app will be built
  • MSBuild properties: Additional properties to pass to MSBuild, formatted as key=value pairs.
  • Additional arguments: MSBuild command-line reference
  • MSBuild tools path: Full path to the MSBuild Tools

Now you're ready to further configure your plan to run tests, create artifacts, or even deploy to any on-premises or cloud server.

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