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  • Last Modified: 2019-12-04

Expand BuildMaster's release coordination capabilities with Calendars, and provide insight into planned organizational changes. Calendars are created within the Manage Calendars dashboard, and can be categorized into three different types:

  • Personal – Viewed and edited by only the user who created it
  • Team – Shared among individuals, only users with permissions can edit
  • Global – Configured by admins, and viewable to all named users in BuildMaster

Any number of calendars can be created, but are generally used by teams (ie. QAteam, WebDev team, etc.), individuals, and organization-wide.

Creating Views

Create views for each of your calendars to granularly filter and display only the information you need. Specify the application, pipeline, pipeline stage, and environment for each view, and filter by: release target date, scheduled deployments, build schedules, gate deployment windows, and past deployments. Use color coding to easily identify, and differentiate each view.

Calendar Dashboard

The Calendars dashboard allows you to easily toggle through personal, team, and global calendars. You can quickly browse through release target dates, scheduled deployments, releases, and more; easily identify each view by their specific color designation.

Refer to the Legend to manage views, and gain insight into views created by someone else in a shared calendar.

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