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Security for BuildMaster Free Edition

  • Last Modified: 2019-11-13

As of BuildMaster v6.0, BuildMaster Free edition only supports two types of authorization controls:

  • Every authenticated user in the system is authorized to perform any function, effectively making every authenticated user a System Administrator
  • All unauthenticated users have "view-only" access to the system (see Specific Guest Account Tasks for complete list of granted task attributes)

In addition, the Free Edition does not support LDAP / Active Directory or Integrated Windows Authentication.

Specific Guest Account Tasks

The Free edition automatically grants the following specific task attributes to unauthenticated users:

  • Applications: View
  • Configuration Files: View Instance
  • Plans: View Contents
  • Builds: View Deployment Logs
  • Script Assets: View Contents
  • SQL Scripts: View Contents

Anonymous Authentication

In some cases, you may wish to replicate the "all unauthenticated users have view-only access" behavior of the free edition. For example, we do this for our own public instance of BuildMaster.

To do this, you can change the Web.AnonymousAuthenticationEnabled setting under all settings. Note that the Free Edition will always ignore this value and is always enabled.

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