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  • Last Modified: 2019-07-18

Event listeners are useful for monitoring the actions and operations that occur in deployment plans and pipelines in BuildMaster. Event Listeners trigger certain actions or tasks (such as sending an email) once the specified event occurs.

BuildMaster has a handful of common built-in event listeners.

Built-in Event Listeners

Event listeners can be added either as a post deployment step in a pipeline or specific to user via the My Event Listener user drop down.

My Event Listener

Real-world example

Organizations often use event listeners when a specific person has ownership of an application or group of applications. In this scenario, the owner of the application would receive an email when a build has been successfully deployed to production.

Individual Listener Example

The Email Notification: Approval Required event listener triggers on pipeline stage completion, not the start of a new pipeline stage. Because of this, when filtering to a specific pipeline stage, the name of the stage before the approval gate should be used, not the stage that is blocked by the gate.

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