BuildMaster Health API
  • 21 Jan 2023
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BuildMaster Health API

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Article Summary

Using the the BuildMaster Health API

There are several API endpoints that you can use to programmatically query or configure BuildMaster instances. The Health API allows users to quickly obtain information about the health and status of a particular instance of BuildMaster. Using this endpoint does not require an API key and can be accessed by simply adding /health to your BuildMaster URL http://BuildMaster/health.

Here are sample values returned from the /health endpoint.

  "applicationName": "BuildMaster",
  "instanceName": null,
  "releaseNumber": "6.2.1",
  "versionNumber": "DEV BUILD",
  "extensionsInstalled": [
    "BuildMaster Core Library 6.2.1",
    "BuildMaster Core Extensions 6.2.1",
    "Inedo.BuildMaster 6.2.1",
    "Inedo SDK 1.3.1",
    "GitLab 1.3.0",
    "InedoCore 1.0.15",
    "Subversion 1.1.0",
    "Git 1.3.0"
  "serviceStatus": "OK",
  "serviceStatusDetail": null,
  "databaseStatus": "OK",
  "databaseStatusDetails": null,
  "licenseStatus": "OK",
  "licenseStatusDetail": null

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