InedoSDK Reference


Name Description
Inedo.Extensibility Types and attributes usable by all types of extensions.
Inedo.Extensibility.Agents Contains the abstract Agent class which is used to orchestrate a server.
Inedo.Extensibility.Configurations Configurations represent data collected from a server and are primarily used by Ensure operations.
Inedo.Extensibility.Credentials SecureCredentials are stored secrets such as logins and API keys.
Inedo.Extensibility.DatabaseConnections Database connections are used by BuildMaster to store secure connection strings and enable deployment to databases.
Inedo.Extensibility.FileSystems Used by ProGet to implement a package storage mechanism.
Inedo.Extensibility.Operations Operations are discrete tasks performed on a server.
Inedo.Extensibility.PackageAccessRules Allows individual package downloads in a ProGet feed to be blocked.
Inedo.Extensibility.PackageFilters Allows individual packages to be hidden from browsing in a ProGet feed.
Inedo.Extensibility.RaftRepositories Rafts are storage subsystems used to persist data in Otter and BuildMaster.
Inedo.Extensibility.RepositoryMonitors Repository monitors are used in BuildMaster to trigger builds when source control changes.
Inedo.Extensibility.SecureResources Secure Resources provide access to resources such as package sources, cloud services, and may be backed by a secure credential.
Inedo.Extensibility.UserDirectories Provides user lookup and authentication for any Inedo product.
Inedo.Extensibility.VariableFunctions Variable functions are evaluated inside OtterScript expressions.
Inedo.Extensibility.VulnerabilitySources Vulnerability Sources are used by ProGet as a database of known package security vulnerabilities.
Inedo.Feeds Contains types for working with Proget feeds.
Inedo.Security Contains types for performing authorization.
Inedo.Web.Editors Contains base classes for custom editor types for the extensible components.
Inedo.Web.Editors.PropertyEditors Contains default editors for standard property types.