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Uninstallation Script

  • Last Modified: 2019-07-18

A Romp package may contain an uninstall.otter file. If this file is not present, then the package does not support uninstallation.

The uninstall.otter file in the package root contains the OtterScript of the plan that will be executed when the uninstall command is invoked.

Basic Package File Uninstallation

If your package contains only content files, then only a trivially simple uninstall.otter script is needed.


This will invoke the Delete-Contents operation, which deletes all content files which were installed using the install command.

Built-In Variables

The following variables are available to the uninstall.otter script:

  • $TargetDirectory - specifies the file system path where the package content was deployed, and the $WorkingDirectory variable will also be set to this path initially.
  • $PackageGroup - specifies the group name of the package being uninstalled.
  • $PackageName - specifies the name of the package being uninstalled.
  • $PackageVersion - specifies the version of the package being uninstalled.

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