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Package Metadata

  • Last Modified: 2019-07-18

At a minimum, a romp package must contain a upack.json file.

See the Universal Package Metadata Specification for a list of upack.json properties.

A Romp package may also include an additional metadata file, rompPackage.json, that defines package behavior.

Romp Package Metadata Specification

Just like upack.json, a rompPackage.json file is a JSON object with the following optional properties:

minimumClient a string representing a three-part version number that describes the lowest version of the romp client that may install the package; when not specified, any client version may be used
requiredExtensions an array of strings containing the names of extensions that must be installed in the romp’s extension; when not specified, the default extensions are InedoCore, Windows, and Linux

note: if you define this, make sure to also specify the defaults if you wish those to be also required
machineOnly a boolean indicating whether the package may only be installed as a machine package; this defaults to false

However, unlike upack.json, the rompPackage.json file may not contain any additional properties.

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