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Romp Package Layout

  • Last Modified: 2019-07-18

A Romp Package is a special Universal Package that contains everything Romp will need to deploy an application and/or infrastructure configuration.

Romp Packages at a minimum must include a standard installation and configuration script (install.otter), and a metadata file (upack.json).

Aside from the primary configuration script, and the required metadata file, packages can also contain variables, credentials, extensions, Otter rafts, and additional metadata (rompPackage.json).

A Romp Package has the following layout:


The rafts/ directory contains rafts which are used by the install script. Each subdirectory in this directory is equivalent to a named filesystem raft.

The install.otter and uninstall.otter files are standard OtterScript plans that will be run when the package is installed or uninstalled. They may use any of the resources contained in the embedded rafts.

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