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Repackaging API

  • Last Modified: 2020-06-22

The Repackaging API offers a simple mechanism for creating a new package with historical metadata stored within packages for feeds that support it. See Prerelease Packages & Repackaging to learn more about this feature.

This API endpoint should be used instead of the Native API Methods when possible, as they are much easier to use and will likely not change.

For security and simplicity, these endpoints require that an API Key is created and passed into each request.

Repackage Package Endpoint

POST /api/repackaging/repackage

Alters the metadata stored within a package, creating a new package in the feed. Of the fields listed in the request body, all fields are required except for groupName and comments.

  • JSON Request
  • URL-Encoded Request

POST /api/repackaging/repackage Content-Type: application/json

Request Body:
  "feed": "hdars-integration-feed",
  "packageName": "hdars-package",
  "groupName": "",
  "version": "1000.0.0-RC.1",
  "newVersion": "1000.0.0",
  "comments": "This package was repackaged by BuildMaster HDARS Application"

POST /api/repackaging/repackage Content-Type: application/x-www-form-urlencoded

Request Body:

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