Analyze Release
  • 21 Feb 2024
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Analyze Release

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Article Summary

The Analyze Release is an endpoint in ProGet's SCA Directory API that will run an analysis of a single release, similar to clicking the "analyze" button in the user interface, on the release overview page.

­čÜÇ Quick Example: Analyzing a release with Curl

This example analyzes release version 1.2.3 of a project named myProject, authenticating with the API key abc12345:

curl -X POST -H "X-ApiKey: abc12345" "https://proget.corp.local/api/sca/analyze-release?project=myProject&version=1.2.3"

Request Specification

To analyze a release, simply POST to the URL with an appropriate API Key

POST /api/sca/analyze-release?project=┬źprojectName┬╗&version=┬źreleaseVersion┬╗

Analyzing a release requires the project name (e.g. myProject ) and release version (e.g. 1.2.3) properties.

POST /api/sca/analyze-release?project=myProject┬╗&version=1.2.3

Response Specification

200 (Success)analysis was successful
400 (Invalid Input)indicates invalid or missing arguments; the body will provide some details as text
403 (Unauthorized API Key)indicates a missing, unknown, or unauthorized API Key; the body will be empty
500 (Server Error)indicates an unexpected error; the body will contain the message and stack trace, and this will also be logged

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