Replication Status API
  • 20 May 2022
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Replication Status API

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Article Summary

This API is in development, and will be available in a maintenance release of ProGet 2022, depending on user demand. Let us know if you're interested in this feature.

The Application Management API has Endpoints to query the configuration and status of replications on a ProGet instance.

Security & API Keys

An API Key is not required to query replication status.

However, if an API Key isn't specified, then only the replication status for feeds that that the Anonymous has "Feeds: View Feed" access to will be displayed.

To specify an API Key, use the request header (X-ApiKey), querystring (key), orapi:«api-key» as the username. See API Key Usage to learn more.

Access TypeRequirements
System API KeysView Connector Health
Feed API KeysView/Download
Personal API Keyassociated user must have Feeds: View Feed
No API Keyanonymous or authenticated user must have Feeds: View Feed

Endpoint Specification

Returns a JSON array of ReplicationStatus objects, optionally filtered by querystring parameters.

Status Request

  • Request Type: GET or POST

  • Request URL: /api/replication/status

  • Querystring Parameters: feed, type, and status

  • Request Body: none

  • Note that:

Status Response

200 (Success)body will contain an array of ReplicationStatus objects
400 (Invalid Parameters)indicates invalid querystring parameters; the body will provide some details as text
403 (Unauthorized API Key)indicates a missing, unknown, or unathorized API Key; the body will be empty
500 (Server Error)indicates an unexpected error; the body will contain the message and stack trace, and this will also be logged

Data Specifications

ReplicationStatus Properties

ReplicationStatus is a set of key/value pairs that contain information about replication configuration and an array of one of more FeedReplication objects.

idintInternal ID of Replication Configuration

Describe properties.

FeedReplication Properties

FeedReplication is a set of key/value pairs that contain information about the last replication on feeds configured for the replication configuation

idintInternal ID of the Feed
namestringName of the feed

Describe properties.

HOWTO: Query Replication Status (PowerShell)


Show how to query replication status for all feeds. mention how you could filter, but no need to show.

Show input and output of JSON object.

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