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  • Last Modified: 2020-06-26

This is generated from the built-in components of Otter 2.2, and may be different than what you have installed (especially if you have extensions); go to [User Icon] > Documentation within your Otter instance to see exactly what operations are available.

Ensure Directory

Ensures the existence of a directory on a server.

Operation type:

Ensuring - this operation will ensure a specified configuration exists on a remote server after comparing its current state to the desired state.

Script usage:

	Name: <text>,
	[Exists: <true/false>]

This operation may be prefixed with Files::, although this is a built-in namespace and isn't really necessary.


Name Format Script Usage Usage Notes
🔑 Name
This argument is the unique key for this operation, which means it must uniquely identify the target of the operation. This argument is required.


# ensures the Logs directory for the website exists and that it's writable
    Name: E:\Website\Logs,
    ReadOnly: false

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