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  • Last Modified: 2019-07-18

Because the Inedo Agent is essentially a lightweight host for product-specific agents (see General Architecture), updating the Inedo Agent is usually not necessary.

To help upgrade the Inedo Agent, BuildMaster includes an feature that automatically updates the Agents. You can also upgrade an Inedo Agent by running the installer (or by following the manual process) on the server itself.

When to Upgrade

Generally speaking, you shouldn't need to upgrade unless you are directed to by an Inedo support engineer, or a new version of your Inedo tool (Otter, BuildMaster, etc). When we introduce that feature in our products, we will update this documentation to explain why.

If you came across this page through browsing or searching, and you are getting random agent errors, you are certainly welcome to try a different version.

However, it might not help, and might not be worth your time to upgrade. While it probably won't introduce regressions, you may prevent an error from happening in the future.

Upgrade Risk/Notes

All changes between versions have been small bugfixes, and would have been considered maintenance releases. Down the line, we may change versioning schemes to be more reflective of the scope of change, especially if we make a minor or major level change.

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