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Agent Improvement & Roadmap

  • Last Modified: 2019-07-25

We have several improvement ideas for the Inedo Agent, and are using this page to document them.

Note that this used to be a page on our internal wiki, but as part of our open initiative, we're sharing them here. It's probably not very useful, and you probably won't get much out of reading them.

Host Process Health Check

InedoAgent.exe can periodically query all host processes to make sure each is still handling messages properly. If a response isn't received in a reasonable amount of time, the process can be forcibly terminated. This will cause all sessions connected to it to fail, but at least it won't stay stuck.


Messages are just length-prefixed blocks with a simple sanity check on size. While the underlying TCP protocol guarantees correctness, these would be nice to add as an extra layer of protection in case of bugs in the agent protocol itself.

More Encryption Options

What we have is pretty good, but it certainly could be rounded out a little.


Socket-level encryption has some performance issues. It seems prone to deadlock/freezing, but has not been widely adopted. It is primarily included because the old Inedo agent used this to encrypt its communications, and was provided here as an upgrade path.

Asymmetric Key Exchange

This would be a good alternative to SSL/none. A thumbprint or certificate could be used to establish identity, but the communications would be protected by a symmetric key exchanged during the initial handshake using an asymmetric algorithm. Like SSH, this could still allow connecting without a thumbprint, but would be a warning/error condition. Ultimately this should be the preferred method instead of AES.

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