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Creating Packages

  • Last Modified: 2019-07-18

There's not a whole lot to a package: it's just a zip file containing the files you actually want to distribute, as well as a manifest file that describes the package itself. There are a lot of options for creating and publishing packages to a feed, either from a developer's workstation, a build server, or anywhere else:

You can also use Hedgehog's advanced execution engine to help you create packages by setting up a release and pipeline that imports build artifacts from Jenkins, grabs files from a network drive, or even creates them directly using msbuild.

Deploying Packages

There are two ways to deploy your packages with Hedgehog:

  • Quick Deploy; an ad-hock deployment of a single package to any number of servers
  • Deployment Sets; a multi-stage deployment of one or more packages that can use approvals, templates, and project based security

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