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Configuration Files

  • Last Modified: 2019-07-17

Configuration File Location

Hedgehog looks for its configuration file at: %PROGRAMDATA%\Inedo\SharedConfig\Hedgehog.config. On most systems, this will resolve to C:\ProgramData\Inedo\SharedConfig\Hedgehog.config.

Configuration File Format

The Hedgehog configuration file is a simple XML format:

  <ConnectionString>SQL Server database connection string</ConnectionString>
  <EncryptionKey>32-character hex key for stored secrets</EncryptionKey>
  <WebServer Enabled="true/false" Urls="web server listen URLs" />

The ConnectionString element contains the SQL connection string used by Hedgehog.

The EncryptionKey element is optional and if specified, will be used to encrypt stored credentials for remote resources.

The WebServer element controls the integrated web server. If you are using IIS, the Enabled attribute should be set to false. If Enabled is set to true, then the Urls attribute should contain URLs to listen to (for example http://my.local.hedgehog:80/;http://localhost:1000/).

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