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Deployment Plans Overview

  • Last Modified: 2019-07-18

Deployment plans are the instructions that tell Hedgehog exactly what to do with a package.

For example, take a package that's been mailed, think of deployment plans as a sheet of paper that's on the inside or outside of the box (depending on who needs to read it). It could be more specific delivery instructions (deliver to the mailbox on the third floor), or installation instructions (wire the lighting fixture in the package into a 110v powerline after shutting off the power), or even configuration instructions (once you've plugged the enclosed speaker in, download the smart speaker app from the app store).

Getting Started: Visual Plan Editor

With the drag-and-drop editor, you really don't need to learn OtterScript before you start building a plan. You can switch back-and-forth between visual and text modes to get a feel for the syntax and structure of the language pretty quickly.

  • Visual Mode
  • Text Mode (OtterScript)
An IIS Plan Block (Visual Mode)
An IIS Plan Block (Text Mode)

OtterScript is a Domain-Specific Language that was designed in tandem with the Inedo execution engine to represent configuration plans and orchestration plans in Otter, and deployment plans in Hedgehog and BuildMaster.

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