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Credentials - CredentialProperty

  • Last Modified: 2019-07-30

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the decrypted plain text value of a specified credentials property

Script usage:

$CredentialProperty(credential, property)


Name Description
credential The name of the credential to read, optionally prefixed with the type name of the credential separated by the scope resolution operator (i.e. ::).
property The name of the credential property to get. If the property is encrypted, the credential itself must be configured to allow the value to be extracted, otherwise the function call will fail at run time.


# ProGetCreds is an instance of Inedo Product Credentials (i.e. InedoProduct::ProGetCreds) with 'Allow encrypted properties...' checked

set $key = $CredentialProperty(ProGetCreds, ApiKey);
set $host = $CredentialProperty(ProGetCreds, Host);

Log-Debug Getting ProGet package from $host with API key: $key;

	Credentials: ProGetCreds,
	Feed: hdars-1k,
	Name: hdars,
	Directory: $WorkingDirectory

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